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Full text of "Equalizing X Distort - Zine Archive Upload 1"

INTRODUCTION: Welcome to the first edition of the Equalizing-X-Distort monthly, our little radio 
zine. This is our way of keeping in touch with the folks who support the show. In this first issue we 
interview FUCKED UP, a new local group that played live on the show on October 7th. They are an 
awesome band sounding a lot like mid-period BLACK FLAO with some AGNOSTIC FRONT influence. 
In addition, there are some reviews and our Top 10. We would love to hear from you about scene news 
so write in for submissions to our rumourmill section and we hope to add show listings to this mailer. 

which is sad and pathetic, but I have only 

been doing one radio show, so it worked out 

okay I guess. It all balances out in the overall 

scheme of things. 

Josh, can you tell me about "On the 

Banks of the Tumid River" ? 

Josh: This was a zine that Mike and I did for 

a while. The last issue took two years to put 

out and then we only photocopied them and 

we ripped off all our advertisers and we are 

still in the process of returning all their 

money. Until that happens the zine is on 

hiatus, but it might come back under a new 

name and a new focus in the coming summer. 

Jonah, can you tell us about the bands 

you are in ? 

Jonah: It started a couple of years ago when I 

became friends with Martin who does this 

show and we started a band with Jesse called 

BORED OF EDUCATION and went from 

there. I just started joining everybody's band 

and now I am in like 6 bands. I don't do much 

else other than play in bands and pretend to 

collect records. 

How did FUCKED UP form ? What made 

you all start a band with each other ? 

Mike: Josh and I were talking about NO 

JUSTICE and Josh said "That would be the 

best, to be in a band like that." We thought 

Josh would be the best singer so we were 

going to form a band with Josh singing. It was 

me, Josh and Chris (Colohon). Chris played 

drums and then he flaked. 

Damian: It is Chris Colohon of LEFT FOR 

DEAD fame. Kind of like a celebrity. It's 

kind of like saying you have Tom Selleck in 

your band. 

Mike: We played one or two shows with 

Josh singing and then nobody really liked 

Josh's voice, so we got 

Damian to sing on the demo 

and so then Josh went on a 

trip and we went on a trip and 

when we came back this was 

the FUCKED UP line up. 

This is going to be it until we 

get sick of Damian singing and 

then someone else will sing. 

There is a phenomenon within the scene 

whereby groups are forming with folks 

who have played in other bands. I call it 

the "Super-group" phenomenon because 

it resembles the mid-80's where groups 

like POWER STATION who featured 

FUCKED UP are a band from Toronto 
comprised of Mike Hatiechuk on guitar x- 
RUINATION, Josh Zucker on guitar x- 
YOUNGBLOOD, Jonah Falco on drums 
from SCARE TACTIC, Sandy Miranda on 
bass, and Damian Abrahms on vocals x- 
PROMISE KEPT. These folks are very active 
in the scene and do various zine, host radio 
shows, and get involved in activist work, as 
well as play in other bands. FUCKED UP 
have just released a demo and will be 
releasing an ep on Deranged in the new year. 
FUCKED UP played at CIUT on Sunday 
October 7 th and here is part of the interview 
that was aired live on "Eqttalizing-X- 

Tell us about some of the other punk rock 
activities you are involved with ? 
Sandy: I did a zine for three and a half years 
called "Second Last", but I actually haven't 
done an issue in about two years just because 
it takes so much energy to do, but I am 
planning on a zine focused on people in 
Toronto and having photographs of them and 
writings about them. For the past year, I 
have been doing a show at CKLN called 
"Freaks, Nerds and Romantics". It is an 
overnight slot every third Sunday. 
Does the new zine have a name ? 
Sandy: I was thinking about calling it 
"People, Places and Things". 
Mike: Me and Damian are both involved in 
record collecting (laughter). We mostly just 
buy records and at home we talk about our 
record collections and sometimes we borrow 
each other's CDs. 
That's pretty unique Mike. 
Damian enters the room from upstairs and 
says "I am a part time poet". 
Tell us about the radio show you do. 
Damian: I have been doing a radio show for a 
long time. Well I was actually on CIUT for a 
long time. Now it's on the internet, I like to 
think of it as a promotion, advancing with 
modern technology, and "such is progress" in 
the words of SNAPCASE. I have been in 
bands a lot longer. I was actually counting the 
other day. I was in 10 bands in high school, 


As an example, these groups represent 
this phenomenon, which we have seen 
replicated in the hardcore scene in 
groups like THE OATH, LIMP WRIST 
and RAMBO. FUCKED UP seem to 
represent something like that on a local 
scale because you are all fairly active in 
the scene and have been in a lot of bands. 
What are some of the things that you 
attribute to folks in bands starting new 
bands with other folks in bands ? 
Damian: Well Stephe, I think this is where 
we have a problem because I think your 
definition of super group is lacking when 
you consider members of SNI, WHERE IT 
YOUNGBLOOD, and BSE coming together 
and forming a band. I hardly consider it 
"super". I kind of consider it a group of 
failures admitting defeat. 
Mike: We kind of call it the "transformer 
syndrome" where you get ten shitty 
transformers and they are all really small and 
then you put the ten transformers together 
and they form this awesome transformer. We 
were trying to be a super group, which is 
why we had Chris in the band in the 

There is something whereby folks know 
each other from bands and they know 
how each other can play that facilitates 
this phenomenon. 

Mike: There is a small pool of musicians to 
take from and not many people play 
instruments so you gotta take what you can 

Jonah: You take four people that have similar 
music tastes. Everybody in our band likes 
hardcore AND we all like the same kind of 

Damian; I also think that everyone gets into 
punk rock and they all have their group of 
friends. A year later kids get disinterested 
and try out other scenes and what you are 
eventually left with is the 
whittling off. You look around 
and go "Man, there is only a 
couple of us left. Let's form a 
band." It's either this or 

Can you tell us about your 
demo. Where did you record 
it ? How did you go about 
putting it together ? 

Damian: We recorded it in Jesse's {drummer 
for SCARE TACTIC) basement. Jesse was 
kind enough to let us use his basement. 
Martin was kind enough to serve as our 
Steve Albini for our NIRVANA. We just 

recorded and... I didn't have the lyrics for a 
lot of the songs and I also get really excited 
when I sing and I forget what I was thinking 
and it was like "Dammit, what was that next 
verse", so I leave big spaces, but the demo 
turned out okay. 

Did you dub copies ? I have seen lots of 
covers floating around for this ? 
Jonah: When we were making the demoes I 
was looking through this book I had on 
"Samurai" movies. I was thinking of what to 
put on the cover and there were some cool 
pictures like i) this guy getting shot with 14 
arrows and ii) three old men giving cheers. 
Then Mike sent me this picture of iii) this 
guy from the Great Depression holding up a 
sign, so those were the three covers. I just 
couldn't decide on one. 
Damian: I think we were making fun of tour 
test press of a test press of a tour press 
exclusivity. Every single demo has a different 
cover. For anyone who wants to trade mine 
has Dez Cadena on the cover. I am willing to 
trade it for the NEGATIVE APPROACH 
single, first press only (laughter) and the 
ONE BLOOD LP. It is kind of ridiculous 
where people are putting out 9 collectible 
record covers. If you add up all these 
collectible covers there is 4,000 of this record 
out there. 

What do you hope to accomplish as a 

Mike: We discussed early on that we were 
never going to tour. I don't like touring. We 
just wanted to make cool songs and put a 
record out and be like other bands. 
Jonah: For me the goal of this band was met 
right away when we played a show because I 
have been in other bands where we didn't 
play out, Just being on the radio show or as 
part of this show's demo feature was 
incredibly exciting. And then it started 
happening for the other bands I was in. 
Damian: One of our goals is to just be in a 
band because for the first time there is a 
vibrant scene in Toronto for as far as 
hardcore goes that doesn't center around an 
x-member - well I suppose that is not true - 
as many x-member or as many x-Chris 
Colohon x-member bands. So you have NO 
SCARE TACTICS. There are a lot of really 
good demoes and you have a lot of good 
bands around so it is just a really exciting 
time to play in a band. This must have been 
what it was like at the 9:30 Club (laughter). 
Jonah: Well Mike wore a VOID shirt once so 
it is almost the same. 

Can you tell us about the lyrical topics 
that you sing about ? 
Mike: like being depressed, being fucked up, 
life in the city, robbing banks, shit like that. 
Josh: It's about life being fucked up and what 
you can do about it without driving yourself 
Damian: When I joined the band I had just 

broken up with my girlfriend at the time, so 
every single song I wrote was about how 
much I hated her. It's kind of scary when you 
look around and everyone is as scared and 
insecure as you, to quote PROPAGHANDI. 
We are all from really different backgrounds 
and we are all sad. 

What is your favourite song from a lyrical 
standpoint and why ? 
Damian: It is the slowest song we have where 
there is a debate over what the lyrics should 
be. I think the song should be about being the 
last one standing from a survivalist 
standpoint and Mike thinks it should be a 
poem. It's like about everyday how you see 
something horrible and you wonder why 
people don't do anything to stop it. If I was 
in their shoes I would do whatever it took to 

Mike: Mine is "Circling the Drain" which is a 
theme that developed out of the summer I 
had. 1 just had the worst summer ever and 
whatever could go wrong did go wrong and 
things just kept on snowballing and getting 
worse. The song is a testament to how things 
are for people's everyday lives. 
Jonah; I don't know any of the lyrics but 
from a musical standpoint my favourite song 
is "Bag of Dirt". 

Sandy: Musically, I like "The Land of Nod". 
I like the hook of it and I like the line "Get on 
your knees cop" It sounds pretty powerful. 
Josh: I like the "Achilles List" which is about 
de-working your job and making your job 
actually pay what you deserve to get. 
Stealing from your employer. 
How can people get in touch with you ? 
They can write to us at 34 Park Blvd, / 
Toronto, ON / M8W 1G8 / Canada / e-mail: 
fukkedup@hotmai 1 .com . 

We try and get a band to play the radio show 
at least once a month on the first Sunday of 
the month. If you are in a band and would 
like to play get in touch with us. Scare Tactic 
will be playing on November 4th at 10:30 pin 
(EST), For folks outside of our listening area 
try tuning in at www. ciut.fm. 


extension of the weekly radio show heard on 
CIUT 89.5 FM every Sunday nights from 
10:00pm 'til midnight (Hosts: Martin Farkas, 
Noah Gadke, Simon Harvey and 
Stephe Perry). 

The show dedicates itself to the 
underground hardcore punk scene. There Is a 
particular emphasis on international releases in 
the developing power violence, d-beat, crust, 
grind, straight edge, and scream-o scenes, 
which means we play material like Razor's 
Edge, Diskonto, 9 Shocks Terror, What 
Happens Next, Limp Wrist, Tragedy, Life's 
Halt, and Haymaker, 

There is a weekly demo feature (paying 
homage to the cassette format), weekly event 
listings, and a monthly top 10 retrospective look 
at releases. 


CIUT 89.5 FM 

Sundays 10:00 pm - midnight 

91 Si George Street 

Toronto, ON 

M5S 2E8 


Request Line: (416) 946-7000 

e-mail: equalizingXdJstort@ciut.fm 

Website: www.cKiL.frn 


CIUT 89.5 FM - "Equalizing Distort" 

Top 10 Hardcore Releases 

for September 2001 





1 , Tear It Up / Epileptic Terror Altack 




2. Cripus Atlucks 

Red Black Blood attack 


Soda Jerk 

3. Dumbslruck 

And We All Fall Down 


625 Prod'ns 

4. Point of Few 



625 Prod'ns 

5. Fields of Fire 

Keep It Alive 



6. Life's Halt / What Happens Next ? 

Start Something 


625 Prod'ns 

7. JR Ewitig 

the Perfect Drama 



8. Scrotum Grinder 

The Greatest Sonic 



9. Scholastic Deth 

Shackle Me not 


625 Prod'ns 

10. Strong Intention 

What else can we do but... 


Six Weeks 

Equalizing Distort can be heard every Sunday night on CIUT 89.5 FM at 10:00 pm. The top 10 
countdown can be heard in its entirety, complete with previews of the picks and analysis on the 
previous month in hardcore, on the last Sunday of the month. 


Ahiro "One People, One Mind, Fight Fight Fight" 


Fastcore combined with pop punk, that's a new 

one. It's kind of like hearing a distorted version of 

FUCK ON THE BEACH doing a duet with HI 

STANDARD. The added dimension that AHIRO 

brings to the table is some slow almost breakdown 

parts that add emphasis and almost contemplative 

moments within the song. It adds a dimension to 

their thrash, My only complaint is that the recording overmodulates too 

much, even for my peanut gallery tastes, but that shouldn't prevent you 

from getting in on AHIRO. 

(Asian Man Records / RO. Box 35585 / Monte Sereno, CA / 95030 / USA 

/ e-mail: brucelee@pacbell.nefl 

as one 


As One demo 

AS ONE have graduated out of (he Warzone sound 
and started incorporating more new school sounds 
have added thrash to their sound. The vocals sound a 
bit more like something from a Hydra Head band, but 
something more unique, An awesome new local release 
that is raw and angry and incredible. The SONS OF 
ISHMAEL cover is funny, too. By way of post script, 
the band has changed their name to SCARE TACTIC 
and this demo will be the first release on a new local 
label called Solomon Method, 
(e-mail: upvourasswithallvourgossipffllhotmail.com) 

Class Assassins "No Justice No Peace" ep 
Solid street punk with pub like choruses featuring 
us one original and a cover of "One Tin Soldier". 
The original has that ringing rock sound. The leads 
sound like something out of "90210", but the call- 
to-arms message is righteous and the soccer-like- 
chants save this as a punk release. The cover is an 
excellent choice with the message about greed, but it seems a little bit done 
as DIRECT ACTION had covered this song back in the 80's. Given that 
one of the members of the CLASS ASSASSINS was in that band, this choice 
of cover cheats us in the innovation dept. A punk version of "One Tin 
Soldier" has been done before and by you no less. But having said this, I 
should note that I do like the CLASS ASSASSINS version with the beefed up 
back up vocals. It would have been much cooler to have given us something 
(Insurgence Records / 2 Bloor Street West, Suite 100-184 / Toronto, ON / 
M4W 3E2 / Canada) 

Colt Seavers ep 

Garage-core with an emphasis on brevity. Similar 

to TEEN CRUD COMBO with that balls out rock 

feeling and yet similar to BORIS THE SPRINKLER 

with the poppy goofy material, The recording is 

loud and overmodulates but in a lo fi kind of way 

that makes it seem like the singer is singing through 

a bullhorn, 13 songs on a 7" has this competing 

with the current crop of fastcore bands, but COLT 

SEAVERS is for the wild childs of the scene. 

(Kindspeech Records / Lindenstr. 32 / 49593 Bersenbruck / Germany / e> 

mail: kindspeech@freenet.de) 

Da Bloody Gashes "Pedal to the Metal" LP 
Sludgy rock in the vein of the early OG scene with 
emphasis on trashy minimal style rock 'n roll. 
The vocals are more distorted sounding and gives 
the air that these folks probably play way loud in a 
live setting. With a full band and some recycled 
BLACK SABBATH riffs these guys sound like a 
more accoustic version of the Scandi-rok scene. 
(Total Zero / P.O. Box 32046 / 901 Ste. Catherine 
E. / Montreal, QC / H2L 2E0 / Canada) 


Epileptic Terror Attack LP 

Another great recording of FU's influenced 

hardcore from this Swedish outfit. They have added 

the bassist from DS-13 and sound even more frantic. 

Fans of early Boston hardcore pay attention, 14 

blazing tracks about skating hard and being 

wreckless. It also includes a cover of "Beverley 

Hills" by the CIRCLE JERKS. 

(Deranged Records / P.O. Box 543, Station P / Toronto, ON / M5S 2T1 / 

Canada ) 

Fuck on the Beach "Endless Summer" LP 

Surfs up with the new FOTB. Sounding more heavy 

and plodding for fastcore everything from the wind 

up parts to the full on blast beats sound a shade 

slower. But generally it is a lot thicker and even 

takes on elements of d-beat on songs like "Too Sad 

to be Alone". Very DROP DEAD like in delivery 

in terms of the speed and the vocal style. 

(Slap-a-Ham / P.O. Box 420843 / San Francisco, CA / 94142-0843 / USA) 

:^ l ^*H , * ; - 






Guyana Punch Line "Irritainment" LP 

This is the best recording I have heard from GPL. 

The hardcore parts are very ferocious sounding 

and a very cascading the way In/Humanity sounded. 

The potshots at emo are hilarious with "Tears on 

the Backpack" and "Are you Brian Emo?". They 

develop dramatic tension in a way that is less drawn out, This is very tight 

sounding for GPL and there are 21 new songs on this release. There are 

some good samples. The "Songs to disturb the comfortable songs to comfort 

the disturbed" piece on the back cover reads like NATION OF ULYSSES 

"13 Point Program to Destroy America" mantra. 

(Prank / P.O. Box 410892 / San Francisco, CA / 54141-0892 / USA) 

I Quit! "That's It...." ep 
Playing a hybrid of Thrash and grind, this record is 
so fuckin' urgent sounding. Featuring one of the 
members from MONSTER this tiling blazes, but 
has less in the youth crew vein and more in the 
speed and hardcore side of the equation. This shreds, 
(Busted Heads Records /box 275 / 901 06 Umea / 

Jellyroll Rockheads "Flowers for Nothing" ep 

The second JRR release has a bigger production 

sound (except "Worshit of Youth") while retaining 

the energy of their manic skate thrash sound. This 

is one of Japan's most crucial band's at the moment. 

Two tracks ("I'm at My Wit's End" and "Fade 

Out") have been re-recorded from their first demo 

that came out before "Mild and Intense" and they 

are my favourite so I am glad they saw the light of day, I do hope more of 

that demo comes out, but I am still very happy to hear urgent, frantic and 

authentic material. Makes you realize that every wave of hardcore has their 


{Mangrove Records / 3F ACP Bldg / 4-23-5 Koenji-Minami / Suginami / 

Tokyo 166-0003 / Japan) 

Jilted "Follia Omicide" ep 

On first listen, this record reminded me of 

something that should have been on the legendary 

"P.E.A.C.E." comp. The production sounds 

somewhere along the lines of a lazier G.LS.M. or 


The recording is raw, fast and pissed as proclaimed, 

but more along the lines of the latter day 

Minneapolis scene as the "When Hell Freeze Over" 

comp represents. The cover ofNEGATIVE APPROACH'S "Tied Down" is 

a bonus, 

(Angry Records / c/o Fulvio Dogliotti / C.P. 280 / 15100 Alessandria / Italy 

/ e-mail: angry rec@ iol.it) 

Minor Threat / Youth Brigade "Demos" LP 

Holy Fuck. Where the hell did this come from? The firstMINOR THREAT 

demo recorded in 1981, which sounds very much like the first eps with a 

« £ > 

rougher edges. But it's fuckin' cool to hear. And ' _i " ■■ ( 

then the YOUTH BRIGADE demo which contains 

a whole bunch of unreleascd songs along with earlier 

recordings of tracks like "Moral Majority". This 

bootleg revisits that early DC scene and you get a 

sense of the political dynamic behind YOUTH 

BRIGADE and the more carefree fun element behind MINOR THREAT. 

Try and get this as it I limited to 1000 copies, 

(Recollect records / Austria) 

Not! Demo 

Bandana thrash from Buffalo featuring members 
favourite song is "(Dance by the 'O') Live by the 
'X'". It's got a youth crew sound which is somewhat 
standard for bands from Buffalo, but they add 
elements of skate thrash, The lyrics are punny. 
Overall, it's an intelligent release from a humour 
standpoint and a good one for bandana thrashers. 
This is part of the Buffalo basement renaissance. 
(Not! / 99 Custer Street / Buffalo, NY / 14214 / 
USA / e-mail: xxthrashordiexx@aol.com) 

Riot '99 "Destroy the City" ep 

An awesome street punk band from Toronto 

barkening back to the "Riot City" and "No Future" 

days. RIOT '99 feature a recently transplanted 

Drew from Australia's STANLEY KNIFE and Taras 

from Edmonton's THE GLORY STOMPERS. But 

Riot '99's sound is defined by the brother and sister 

team of Howard and Nathalie - they encompass 

much of the early song structures that made the CLASH legendary. Throw 

in some army chants a la ABRASIVE WHEELS and group pub-like choruses 

and you've got a modern day street punk group to contend with. My 

favourite line is "Start a riot on Queen Street West, tonight." Putting the 

Bollocks back into punk, indeed. 

(Riot Records / c/o Taras O. / P.O. Box 462 / 34 Adelaide Street East / 

Toronto, ON / M5C 2J5 / www,riot99,com) 

Spazm 151 LP 

Manic doom-core played at a thrash pace. Take 
one part DISCHARGE and mix it with one part 
TEAR IT UP, one part DOWN IN FLAMES and 
one part POISON IDEA. I don't remember their 
ep sounding this good. 

(Mind Control Records / 1012 Brodie Street / 
Austin, TX / 78704 / USA) 

Strong Intention "What else can we do but fight 

back" LP 

STRONG INTENTION remind me of what 

CITIZENS ARREST would sound like if they started 
today. They have a little more power violence 
edge to them while still retaining hooks and 
breakdowns. And they try to reach the speeds of 
DROP DEAD while sounding as pissed off as 
INFEST. Their songs are chocked full of messages, 
backed up by graphics tackling issues like middle 
east peace, work, racism, consumption, and general 
all-round resistance, 
(Six Weeks / 225 Lincoln Ave., Cotati, CA / 94931 / USA) 

Swarrrm "Against Again" CD 

What a complex blend of various styles of hardcore, 

largely relying on grind, but some of this is 

particularly heavy and at other times there are 

layered emo structures. There is also some pretense 

to the burning spirits sound, but it is all part of the 

mix, as opposed to the defining structure. The 

SWARRRM sound like a speedier, more tortured 

version of ENVY with loads of stop and starts. 

The vocals never dip below a throaty gargled scream and creates a frantic 

interplay with the guitar noodling. The SWARRRM represent the next 

level of emo-violence as more of a hardcore band. It should also be noted 

that this is the Japanese band, not the defunct band from Toronto. 

(God Door Record / 7-1-7 Udezuka-cho / Nagata-ku / Kobe City / 653-0036 

/ Japan / e-mail: kapo@dj8, sonet.ne.jp) 

Zero Tolerance Task Force "Corporate Scum" 


Early sounding LA punk mixed with some of the 

quirky elements of the Texas sound. If you took a 

martini mixer and shook early BUTTHOLE 

SURFERS into a shaker filled the ANGRY 

SAMOANS and BLACK FLAG you would start to 


Venomous, depressing, raw, with some great ranting a laFEEDERZ or the 

CRUCIFUCKS. This record of lo fi garage thrash really grows on you, 

(Bandwagon / P.O, Box 44338 / Tuscon, AZ / 85733 / USA) 

rum our mill 

The AS ONE demo (reviewed earlier) will be released as a 7" by a new 
label from Pickering called Solomon Method. For fans of CHARLES 
BRONSON meets SHARK ATTACK it is a must have. They have 
changed their name to SCARE TACTIC. * The band FUCK JONAH 
has metamorphisized into CAREER SUICIDE and have recorded an 
early F.U.'s inspired masterpiece. I hope this demo gets released. * 
RECENSION, the best power violence band in Canada, has called it a 
day. Their split with SEARCHING FOR CHIN just came out. One of 
their singers, Steve Mueller, is joining forces with the mighty 
OXBAKER, from St. Thomas. * 
OXBAKER have a split with 
HAYMAKER that just came out on 
Deep Six. OXBAKER are also 
poised to release some material on 
625 Productions, a perfect label for 
them. * HAYMAKER have just 
finished their recording for the LP 
with the Pushead artwork. They will be working on a split LP with 
DUMBSTRUCK (x-HERESY) as their next project. * Jeff from 
HAYMAKER is playing guitar in a new band called OUR WAR. 
They have a 7 song demo out and are to release a 10" on Deranged in 
the new year. * The A.W.O.W. kids are now called NO WARNING. 
They have a new ep out on Martyr Records, which has been re- 
released as a CD along with their demo on Bridge Nine. * 
RUINATION have a split with , 

Holland's POINT OF FEW coming 
out. Jaime Towns has joined the 
band on bass. They have recorded 
new material which includes covers 
NEGATIVE FX. Their first ep is 
being re-issued by No Idea. Good 
luck trying to find the "Seven Deadly Sins" boxset that just came out. 
But I think you can find that "First Year" CD of all their stuff through 
+/-. * Andy from RUINATION / BLOODPACT has started a new 
band called CAR CRASH that is rumoured to sound like 
MOTORHEAD meets G.I.S.M. * LEGION666 have a new split LP 
with Brazil's SICK TERROR, which should be out in November. 
LEGION666 are working on another split with a MEGIDDO, which 
sees them doing a cover of SODOM's "Outbreak of Evil". * Pat Lazo 
has left LEGION666 to start ADVERSARY with Joel Fisher from 
SKEW-G and Ryan Kennedy from the TET OFFENSIVE. They have 
elements of bandana thrash, d-beat leads, and new school sXe vocals. 
They have a demo that just came out. * RIOT '99 have had a line up 
change and have started playing out again. They have a new guitarist 
and a new bassist and new songs. * The CLASS ASSASSINS have a 
new ep out on Insurgence. They are in the studio for the month of 
November recording a full length. With members of DIRECT 
ACTION and CHRONIC SUBMISSION it's gonna be good. * Ugly 
Pop just announced that they will be releasing a WARHEAD vinyl 
release which will contain material of their CD from '93 and their ep 
from '95. * The Hardcore Hotline has been resuscitated at (416) 535- 
8 184 for show listings. * The El Mo is dead as of November 4th. * 

.it / 


■ I